DeWitt City Administrator Steve Lindner was the guest on the FYI Show-learn about why he likes DeWitt, smoking ban in the parks and more.  If you missed it on-air-here, listen here

Polling Location and Hours Set for 2015 School Elections

School Board election day is next Tuesday-September 8th.  ‘Read more for polling locations and hours for area school districts. » Read more..

Burial Ground Update

Listen to the late day newscast for an update on the burial site found at the Clinton County Administration Building

*listen to the update in the newscast post*County employees discover Burial Grounds

Clinton County employees unearthed what is to believe to be a burial ground located at the site of the Clinton County Administration Building, 1900 North 3rd Street, Clinton, Iowa. ‘Read more’ for details on this story. » Read more..

Survey shows an increase in pheasant population

A statewide survey by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources shows the pheasant population has increased for the second year in a row. ‘Read more’ for more information that’s good news for hunters. » Read more..

August weather was cooler than normal.

Clinton area weather observer Jim Blaesss says the overall temperature was 70.9 degrees and that was below the normal for the month of 72.6. » Read more..