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MercyOne Clinton Medical Center will offer a new session of the lifestyle medicine education program designed to help you make long-lasting lifestyle changes by addressing the causes of chronic disease and teaching you how to use your own lifestyle as your best medicine.

The program is an evidence-based and peer-reviewed program that focuses on lifestyle changes. The Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) was developed in 1998 and was introduced at MercyOne Clinton in October 2015. CHIP has influenced more than 60,000 participants across the United States and more than 80 participants have graduated from CHIP at MercyOne Clinton. On average, a national study indicated that participants of CHIP lowered BMI by 3.2 percent, total cholesterol by 19.8 percent, triglycerides by 44.1 percent and have been able to decrease blood pressure and body fat.

The program will start on Thursday, June 13, 2019 from 7 – 7:45 a.m. at MercyOne Clinton Medical Center’s north campus. A registered dietitian and a certified wellness coach from MercyOne teach the classes. To learn more about the program, free informational sessions have been set up.

  • May 30 – 7 a.m., MercyOne Clinton north campus conference room B (lower level)
  • June 11 – 7 a.m., MercyOne Clinton north campus conference room B (lower level)

CHIP occurs in a group setting, using behavior change and self-discovery tools to help participants form new habits and make better choices based on knowledge, skills and encouragement. The program is led by local instructors with videos and workbooks developed by leaders in the field of lifestyle medicine.

According to Barnett, CHIP does not just focus only on the way people eat and move, but also on whole person health which includes stress management, sleep, self-worth, emotional well-being and happiness.

As part of the program, each participants will receive a pre and post health assessment, a tool kit – workbook, cookbook and textbook – grocery store tour and food samplings throughout the class.

For more information or to attend an information meeting about CHIP, call 563 244-5801.

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