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Arrests made in armed robbery incident-first reported in our early morning on-air news.

Two suspects have been arrested in connection with the armed robbery reported in Clinton earlier this week.

(mug shots included)

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Clinton School Superintendent Deb Olson provided us with these pictures of the new field turf & field from a person on one of the Barnstormers flights today

chsturf1 chsstadium2013 fieldturf2

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Change of venue granted for city’s malpractice lawsuit against attorney in EMS billing lawsuit

A change of venue has been granted in the city of Clinton’s legal malpractice claim against the attorney who represented them in the E-M-S billing lawsuit.

 The trial will now be held in ScottCounty and is still scheduled for early October.

 The city filed the claim against attorney Mike Walker who represented the city and helped reach a settlement in the Medicare/Medicaid billing lawsuit for the city to repay the federal government  4 and a half million dollars over ten years. » Read more..

It was hot Tuesday but it was not a record

It was not a record high on Tuesday – but Clinton area weather observer Jim Blaess says it was something to put in the record books.

The high Tuesday was 96 while the record for the date is 97 set in 1984.  But, Blaess says that is the highest temperature this late in the month since August 29th 1984 when it was 97.

Blaess added that the rain a few days ago totaled about a third of an inch and made the month’s total about one-point-one inches.  He says right now-this August would be 9th driest on record and driest since 1984.

KROS Radio Website Returns

We have added our McEleney Sports Stream link to the page so you can listen to all the upcoming River King football games by clicking on the UStream player on the right of the page. After the loss of our old website, KROS has returned to the web with a brand new site that is a work in progress. We will be adding new features and information in the coming weeks. We thank you for your patience and continued support.