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Another long-distance listener-this one from Finland

Warmest of greetings to Iowa and KROS Radio!

I am a radio enthusiast who enjoys listening for long distance radio signals. On November 1, 2012, at 7:34 PM CLT, I had the pleasure of hearing KROS broadcasting on 1340 kilohertz.

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Long range listening hobby picks up KROS in Norway

It is called Long Distance Radio Listening-or DX-ing-and is a hobby conducted in some areas.  KROS is often picked up in Norway, one of the popular areas for listening.  Read ‘more’ for a couple of recent communications from those listening in thousands of miles away.

Check out the links to see where they conduct this hobby-hint, it is away from towns and sometimes above the Arctic Circle.

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Clinton City Council to hold special session for further talks on large item pickup program

The City Council meeting is on the tentative schedule of governmental bodies meetings this week

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Clinton School enrollment decline continues

Enrollment in the Clinton Public Schools continued a decline this year.  The official count day was October first, but the Schools Business Manager Cindy McAleer says the numbers are still preliminary.  Those statistics show an enrollment of total students served at 3,555 students.

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The Clinton Fire Department was involved in two major incidents overnight,.

Crews responded to a gas leak and a house fire

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Police investigating incident with gunshots

Clinton Police confirm gunshots were fired during an incident last night, but no one was injured.

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Cititation issued to suspect in cemetery vandalism cases

A suspect has been issued a citation in the vandalism reported at the Springdale Cemetery over the past couple of weeks.

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