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City gains favorable ruling in the case filed by a Clinton Firefighter over light duty while she was pregnant


A District Court judge has ruled in favor of the city in the case of Clinton Firefighter who claimed she was unfairly denied ‘light duty’ when she was pregnant.  The summary judgment was filed in Clinton County District Court and written by Judge Henry Latham Second                                                    Link to complete ruling is included » Read more..

School Board approves budget cuts

With little discussion the Clinton school board approved budget cuts of over 900-thousand dollars as proposed by superintendent Deb Olson

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Council agrees to lower tax rate which means cuts in spending

The Clinton City Council agreed to lower the tax rate, but the spending reductions to reach that mandate have not been developed.

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Record low for today

There is a new record low in the book for February 11th.  Clinton area weather observer Jim Blaess says it dropped to 21 below zero this morning and that broke the record of 16 below set in 1895.

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Clinton County elected officials to get pay raise

The Clinton County Board reduced the recommended pay raises for elected officials-but the positions will get a pay raise.  The County Compensation Board recommends pay raises for elected officials and the Supervisors can approve the proposals or lower them all by the same percentage but can not increase them.

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