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City receives grant to address opioid abuse


Clinton Mayor Mark Vulich sent out a notice Friday night that the city had received word from Senator Grassley’s office that Clinton is the recipient of a $500,000.00 Grant to help fight the Opioid Epidemic.

Read the grant notice: $500,000-Opioid-Epidemic-Grant

New City Symbols Get Initial OK


Clinton City officials have taken the first step toward establishing a new city seal and a new city flag.  ‘Read more’ for information on the deals to get permissions for the works.  Images of the proposed flag and seal. » Read more..

Central DeWitt Schools


Listen to Central DeWitt School Superintendent Dan Peterson and Assistant Superintendent Jen Vance discuss various aspects of the district in our FYI Show with host Dave Vickers.

Download link: FYI – Central DeWitt Schools

Drivers happy with new safety technology, but study finds many don’t understand what it does


via Radio Iowa 

A study by the University of Iowa and AAA Foundation finds drivers like new technologies designed to help them drive safer — but they don’t understand all the limitations of those systems. » Read more..

CHS Homecoming Parade Parking Restrictions


Check out the CPD Parking restrictions for the CHS Homecoming Parade on Thursday


Nuisance Cleanup Cost


At the recent Clinton City Council members wanted the public to be aware of the cost of mowing nuisance grass & weeds-hear the discussion and see the details of the costs.  The discussion features Council members Bill Schemers, Cody Seeley & Paul Gassman with City Attorney Patrick O’Connell plus City Administrator Matt Brooke with the majority of the comments.





Lane reductions on Bluff Blvd due to sewer work


In conjunction with a sewer project, the following traffic control assemblies will be implemented from September 26th to October 5th. ‘Read more’ for the details- » Read more..

Tentative schedule of governmental meetings


On the tentative schedule of governmental meetings this week there will be a Clinton County Board meeting, Clinton School Board, Fulton City Council and Clinton City Council. (links to agendas included) » Read more..

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