Long range listening hobby picks up KROS in Norway

It is called Long Distance Radio Listening-or DX-ing-and is a hobby conducted in some areas.  KROS is often picked up in Norway, one of the popular areas for listening.  Read ‘more’ for a couple of recent communications from those listening in thousands of miles away.

Check out the links to see where they conduct this hobby-hint, it is away from towns and sometimes above the Arctic Circle.

I’m sending this email to report that xxx was heard with good signal levels 4000 miles away! Via ionospheric skip I was able to hear your station on September 22 at 9.00 pm CDT.

As you may have guessed, I am a DX-er, or AM radio hobbyist, and I use sensitive receivers and directive antennas so that I can hear stations from far away. It is interesting to see that your signal is very good here, and I hope that your listeners with domestic radios are equally happy.

Part of my hobby is to collect “confirmations” from the stations I hear. I have attached a small MP3 file to autenticate that I heard KROS. I heard a female announcer with “This is KROS Radio. (…) krosradio.com. (…) broadcasting station” I would be most thankful if you would email a reply confirming my reception. The text could be as simple as “we confirm that you heard KROS 1340 AM, on September 22 at 9.00 pm CDT”.

I am 55, and I live in the extreme north of Norway and Europe. After an unusually warm summer, we are now waiting for the first snow to arrive. I have been an AM radio hobbyist since I was 14. Searching the AM band for new stations is my favorite pasttime and it’s always exciting to hear a new station. To date I have heard around 1,100 AM stations from North America.

I wish you all the best in serving Clinton, and thank you for your time and trouble! Please check the links below if you would like to know more about this area and my hunt for distant radio stations.


From the world’s northernmost DX-er
Bjarne Mjelde, Arctic Norway


My name is Ole Forr. I’m 56 years old living at a rural area called Sor-Fron.I am a diary farmer, married to Kari and have two sons. Olaf 22 and Hakon 18. In Sor-Fron it lives around 4000 people.Most of us living of farming but we also have some small industry.

I am a radio enthusiast and like to pick up foreign radio stations.From October 15. to 28th 2012 I was with 3 good friends up in northern Norway at a place called Andoya.This is a very remote area at 69 degrees north!We have several good antennas for radio reception and these days the band is filled up with stations from North and South America.If you like to se some photos and read about the location please visit http://www.marmelkroken.no/

On the morning of 20th  October, we had good radio conditions and I heard KROS on 1340. To prove that I have heard your station I enclose a MP3 with a recording of your station made on the:

DATE: 20th  October 2012

TIME:  5.00 a.m CDT


1. I have recorded a station identification: “You are listening to AM 13-40 K-R-O-S Clinton, Iowa” before news.  I hope you take time to listen to the Clip and verify that I have heard KROS.  THANK YOU!

I hope you take time to listen to this MP3 and I will be very glad if you send me a reply verifying that I have heard your stations. I have been collecting verifications from radio stations since 1970 and have until now verified 1700 stations in 186 countries.Listening to USA stations is one of the most difficult parts of this hobby with all the stations fading up and down!

My radio equipment is a PERSEUS SDR (Software Defind Radio with possibility to record 2000 kilohertz), AOR 7030, Icom ICR75 all professional radios. Hearing KROS on a 850 meter antenna in a 300 degrees direction. I am also a radio-amateur (HAM-operator) with the call sign LA6EIA.I used to be very active but now I’m back to my roots with AM Broadcast listening.

Look forward to hear from you.

Yours sincerely






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