Meetings this week


The Clinton School and Clinton City Council are among the governmental bodies meeting this week.  Check the tentative schedule of meetings this week

Monday will be the regular meeting of the Clinton County Board.  The meeting will be in Wheatland at the city hall starting at 9 A-M.  Among the items on the agenda are a couple of projects in the Wheatland area.


The Clinton School Board meets on Monday in a regular business session.  The board will  consider curriculum changes in the high school science curriculum and a minor change in the graduation requirements for an increase in science credits and allowing on-line credit acceptances for some students.

The board also has two closed sessions planned for discussing contract termination.  The agenda states the sessions are to discuss employee responsibility and job performance.

The meeting will convene at 5:30 at the school’s Administrative Center.


The Clinton City Council meets on Tuesday evening.

The council is scheduled to formally consider the re-organization the Building and Neighborhood Services Department under the Clinton Fire Department.

During the Committee of the Whole Session the council will hear a presentation by the Convention and Visitors Bureau and a presentation by Safety Director Jeff Chapman on the work of the safety effort in the first year plus review the performance evaluation of the City Attorney.

The meeting convenes at 7 P-M on Tuesday.


The Riverbend School Board has two sessions planned this week.

On Tuesday the board will hold a closed session on the search for a new superintendent.  No action is is anticipated.

On Wednesday the Riverbend Board’s policy committee will be meeting to review a list of policies with recommendations for updates to be made to the full board.

That meeting is at 6:30 pm Wednesday at the district office in Fulton.


The Clinton County Solid Waste Agency Board meets on Thursday.  Among the updates for the board are reports on recycling, the bio-reactor closing and Christmas tree disposal.