The final bills are in for the city’s case against the attorney representing the city in EMS billing lawsuit settlement


$806,378.20 is the total paid by the city of Clinton to take the attorney to court that represented the city in settling an EMS billing lawsuit.

Clinton City Administrator Jessica Kinser said there is another bill for court costs yet to be filed, but the total represents the amount paid to the four major vendors in the case.  She didn’t expect other major bills related to the legal action.

Attorney Michael Walker represented the city in settling the whistle-blower lawsuit filed by a former fire fighter alleging the city was fraudulent in billing Medicare and Medicaid for ambulance service. That suit was settled for a $4.5-million dollar payment to the federal government.

The city later took Walker to court alleging legal malpractice in representing the city.  That case was recently heard in District Court and the city lost the claim

The Hannafan law firm from Chicago was the lead firm in pursuing the case against Walker and city records show they have been paid nearly $531,000 ($530,781.03) during the legal fight.

The Gosman, Tarbox and Associates law firm from the Quad Cities assisted in the case and they have been paid nearly $172,000 ($171,825.52)

The expert witness hired on behalf of the city, Ronald Clark, has been paid about $91,000 ($91,018.55).

A court reporting firm used by the city has been paid nearly $13,000 ($12,753.10).