Council ask City Attorney to resign


The Clinton City Council has requested the resignation of City Attorney Jeff Farwell.  That came as part of the performance evaluation for Farwell.  At the meeting last night, Farwell said the process could be conducted in open session.  Council member Jennifer Graf made the motion that with the turnover of the council the new council should have the legal counsel of their choice and the city attorney should submit his resignation.

The resignation is to be effective with the swearing in of the new council January 2nd.

Graf said the resignation should include six months of salary and six months of health insurance and that is the same benefits provided when the council requested the resignation of the last city administrator.

Mayor Mark Vulich did comment that is was important to have some continuity and stability.

The only comment came from Maggie Klaess who said Farwell had done a good job and she hated losing him. The council did not discuss or make any further comments and approved the motion to request the resignation of Farwell on a 6 to 1 vote with Paul Gassman and approved the six month salary and health insurance coverage 7 to 0.

And as the final vote was taken the issue concluded with Farwell’s comment…

 The copies of the job performance evaluation were not distributed publicly at the meeting.