ADM submits final clean up plan for mercury spill


Archer Daniels Midland submitted their site assessment plan for the final clean-up of a mercury spill that occurred last fall at the Clinton plant.

The spill occurred when the seal on a motor in a well broke and mercury from the motor leaked into the well.

The company was to submit a clean up plan to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources by Friday-January 10.  A DNR spokesman said the plan arrived about 4 p-m on Friday.  The spokesman told KROS NEWS the plan will be reviewed closely before the department will make any public comment.

In a statement to issued KROS NEWS last  week the company stated they continue to work with contractors to finish the clean up in coordination with DNR.  Since the immediate recovery of 1/3rd of the mercury, the company said focus has shifted to recovering the remaining material.

A-D-M stated that some of that material has already been containerized in preparation for proper disposal.  Any remaining mercury in the well will be addressed in accordance with the site assessment plan..

The statement went on – that – ADM originally believed that the clean up would be complete by the end of 2013.  However, the process has taken a little longer due to the unusual nature of the spill.

ADM stated that the affected well remains out of service, operations at the plant are not impacted and there are no indications that mercury has migrated or that it will migrate outside of the well casing.