Tentative Schedule Of Governmental Meetings


The Clinton County Board, Clinton School Board and Clinton City Council to meet this week.

The Clinton County Board has a regular Monday morning session.

The Supervisors meet at 9:15 at the County Administration Center.

Link: BOS Agenda


The Clinton School Board meets in a regular session this evening.

Among the items for consideration are agreements with an Energy Efficiency consulting firm and a firm to lobby for the district at the Iowa legislative session.  The board heard a presentation from each entity at the previous committee of the whole session.

The board meeting is at 5:30 at the Administrative Center.

Link: Clinton School Board Agenda


The Clinton City Council has sessions on Tuesday.

The council will have a session at 6 PM for an evaluation of the City’s legal counsel.

It is expected to be closed session.

Link: Clinton City Council Legal Counsel Evaluation



The Council will have a business meeting and a committee of the whole session.

The business session will start at 7 o’clock Tuesday evening with the discussion session after the business meeting.

During the business meeting the council will consider formal approval to seek a federal grant that could pay of the extension of the Expressway from Main Avenue to Highway 67 and make other improvements on the Expressway.

Link: Clinton City Council Business Meeting

During the Committee Of The Whole Session will follow the business session.

Link: Clinton City Council COW Meeting