Tentative schedule of governmental meetings this week


The Clinton County Board, Clinton City Council, Clinton School Board & Fulton City Council on the tentative schedule of meetings this week (links included to agendas).

The Clinton County Board has a regular Monday morning business session.

An update on the progress of the construction progress of the new jail and law center is one of the topics on the agenda.

The Supervisors meet at 9:15 at the County Administration Building.

Link: BOS Agenda

Also at the County level- the Compensation Board meets later today.  That panel recommends salary adjustments for elected officials.  Members are appointed by each of the elected officials.

That meeting is at 5:30 at the County Administration Building


The Clinton City Council starts their budgeting process today (Monday).  The Council will meet at 3 o’clock this afternoon with the Sewer Fund the topic for the session.

The regular meetings of the City Council will be on Tuesday.

Link: Council Agenda

During the Committee Of The Whole Session the council will review the Capital Improvement program.

Link: Council COW Agenda

The business meeting starts at 7 p-m Tuesday with the Committee Of The Whole session following the business meeting.


The Clinton School Board meets on Monday in a regular session.

Among the items for consideration is the calendar for the next school year.

The meeting is at 5:30 at the School’s Administrative Center.

Link: Clinton School Board Agenda


The Fulton City Council meets on Monday evening in a business meeting and a Committee Of The Whole session.

During the business session the Fulton Council will consider an ordinance prohibiting sexual harassment for the city.  Plus there is action to consider approval of bids for repairs at city hall and the police department.

Link: Fulton Council Agenda

During the Committee Of The Whole session the Fulton Council will hear about water damage at City Hall among several reports.

Link: Fulton Council COW Agenda

The Fulton Council will start the business meeting at 5:30 at the Fulton City Hall.