There’s lots of winter road condition information available


Driving conditions can be unpredictable and vary across the state during winter storms like the ones that have been hitting recently. (links included)

D-O-T Winter Operations Administrator Craig Bargfrede ecourages all drivers to take advantage of the information the department has available on road conditions.  “Cars 511, Track A Plow websites are both good websites of ours that will  give you good information on road conditions,” Bargfrede says.

The plow website puts you right in the middle of the snow removal effort.  “You can take a look and see our plow cams from our plow trucks and see what our drivers out there are seeing on the system,” he explains.

There’s a map that allows you to see where the plows with cameras are working.  He says it’s become popular for people to get a first-hand look at the road.  “We’ve gotten a lot of very positive comments back on the quality of the photos and the information out there. And it just gives a very good perspective  of what those operators are seeing out on the system,” according to Bargfreded.

You can access both sites by going to the Department of Transportation’s main website