Tentative Schedule of Governmental Meetings


The County Board, Clinton School Board, Fulton City Council and Clinton City Council on the calendar for meetings this week.  (links to agendas included)

The Clinton County Board has their regular Monday morning session at 9:15 at the County Administration Building.

Among the items for consideration is a commitment to contribute to a DeWitt Library expansion.  The Supervisors will consider a 20-thousand dollar commitment at 5-thousand dollars a year over four years – dependent on passage of a local bond issue to fund the project.  Library officials had sought the county support to help obtain other grants to help pay for part of the project.

Link: BOS Agenda-Feb. 12

The Clinton School Board meets tonight in a regular business session.  Among the items for consideration are approvals for cooperative sharing agreements for participation in various athletic programs with some area schools.

The board will consider the resignation of member Angela Ash and her replacement.

The meeting is at 5:30 at the School District Administrative Center

Link: Clinton School Board Agenda-Feb. 12


The Fulton City Council will be meeting Monday evening.

The council will meet in a business session – followed by a regular Committee Of The Whole session.

Link: Fulton City Council Agenda-Feb. 12 

Link: Fulton City Council COW Agenda-Feb. 12

The Clinton City Council meets in a regular business session on Tuesday.

There will be a committee of the whole session following the business meeting.

The meeting will start at 7 P-M Tuesday at City Hall.

Link: Clinton City Council Agenda-Feb. 13

Link: Clinton City Council COW Agenda-Feb. 13