Tentative Schedule Of Governmental Meetings


The County Board, Clinton School Board & Clinton City Council plus Fulton City Council to meet this week.

The Clinton County Board has a regular Monday morning session.  The Supervisors meet at 9:15 at the County Administration Building.

Among the items for consideration is a proposed resolution from the County Attorney seeking approval to use an Iowa law allowing the county to seek funding for the care of apparently neglected animals-directed at the recent case of 8 apparently neglected dogs recovered in Clinton recently.  The resolution states the action is being taken with the support of the Clinton City legal counsel.

Link: BOS Agenda


The Clinton School Board meets later-at 5:30 this evening at the school district Administrative Center.

Among the items for the board is action to approve a five year projection for capital projects.

Link: Clinton School Board Agenda

The Clinton City Council will be meeting Tuesday.

During the Committee Of The Whole session the council will hear from the developer planning on renovating the former Washington-Jefferson school complex into senior apartments.  The developer has informed the city the project is short of funds and is asking the city to take over the renovation of the auditorium and gym at the building.  City staff is recommending not to take up that idea.

Also on the discussion session is a proposal to seek an agreement with the county on an animal control position to serve the entire county including Clinton.

The meeting is at 7 o’clock Tuesday evening at City Hall.

Link: Council Business Meeting Agenda

Link: Council COW Agenda

The Fulton City Council meets on Monday evening.

The Council will hold a business meeting and a committee of the whole session.

Link: Fulton City Council Agenda

Link: Fulton City Council COW Agenda