Clinton County elected officials to get pay raise


The Clinton County Board reduced the recommended pay raises for elected officials-but the positions will get a pay raise.  The County Compensation Board recommends pay raises for elected officials and the Supervisors can approve the proposals or lower them all by the same percentage but can not increase them.

That recommendation was a $6,500 dollar pay raise for the County Attorney, $5,500 for the sheriff, and $3,000 for the Auditor, Record and Treasurer plus one-thousand dollars for the Supervisors.

At their meeting this morning (Monday) the board approved reducing the increase by 40 percent with a one percent increase for the Supervisors.  That meant raises ranging from 2.8% and 3.8% for the other elected officials.

Supervisors Brian Schmidt said the compensation board did their job in making the recommendations without looking at the budget, but it’s the job of the Supervisors to factor the budget into the recommendation.  He said the reduction in the proposal stills show respect for the officer holders but also acknowledges the tax payers.

Supervisors Jill Davisson and John Staszewski added their thanks the Compensation Board for their work echoed the comment about their job is to consider the budget in the recommendations.

The raises approved would be $3,9000 for the County Attorney which is a 3.8% raise to $105,338

The Sheriff would receive a 3.8% raise or $3,3000 to $87, 175

The Auditor, Treasurer and Record receive 2.8% raises or $1,800 raises.

The Auditor’s salary would be $65,128, the Recorder’s salary would be $63,393 and the Treasurer’s pay would be $64,092.

Under the plan approved today the Supervisors would have an increase of 385 dollars to $38,889 and the Board Chair receives a slightly higher pay with a $1,2000 raise to $40,089.