School Board approves budget cuts


With little discussion the Clinton school board approved budget cuts of over 900-thousand dollars as proposed by superintendent Deb Olson

Board member Dana Evers commented that she had one contact with questions, but no other members indicated they had been contacted.

Among the proposals is the elimination of the Human Resource Director position and eliminating a middle school principal.  At the high school there have been a couple of positions in the vocational area that have not been filled this year and those two positions would not be filled for next year.

At the middle school the move to one building would reduce the number of school nurses needed and eliminate one position.  Also there is a proposed reduction of two 6th grade teachers.  At the elementary level the proposal would reduce four elementary teachers with a cut of four classrooms in grades 3 through 5 and have each elementary school staffed with one

Board member Eric Gettes said the cuts proposed were the least painful possible.

The cuts are a result of a declining enrollment of 106 students this year which reduces the state aid coming to the district.