Insurance company wants defendant to pay back funds they paid out due to the defendants actions


An insurance company is seeking repayment of funds from the person who was accused of misusing Clinton High School Band Booster funds.

Amanda Johns plead guilty to misusing booster funds while serving as the treasurer of the group in 2014 and 2015.

In sentencing Johns was ordered to pay back the Clinton School District about $7,500 at 25 dollars a month for the district’s out-of-pocket expense not covered by insurance.

The Employer’s Mutual Casualty Insurance Company paid the district nearly $14,000 under their insurance policy.  That cost could not be covered under the restitution order.

The Insurance Company claims Johns actions were the cause of damages entitling the School District to get compensation.

The E-M-C Insurance Company has now filed action in Clinton County District Court seeking repayment of that cost from Amanda Johns to the company.

Read the legal action here (pdf): EMC-Legal Action