Tentative Schedule of Governmental Meetings


The County Board, Clinton School Board and Clinton City Council are scheduled to meet this week. ‘Read more’ for details with links to the agenda materials.

The Clinton County Board has a regular Monday morning business session.  The Supervisors will convene for business at 9:15.

Link: BOS Agenda

The Clinton School Board is meeting this evening.  The session starts at 5:30 at the Administrative Center.

The board will consider increases in meal prices and activity tickets among the items on the agenda.

Link: Clinton School Board Agenda


The Clinton City Council meets on Tuesday in a regular session and a committee of the whole meeting.

The council will consider finalizing the move to abolish the City Assessor’s Office and move that work under the County Assessor’s Office.  The recently hired City Assessor served a few months and then resigned to take the Clinton County Assessor’s post.  There were no applicants for the city post and the council started the process to put the operation under one office as outlined in state law.

The meeting starts at 7 o’clock Tuesday evening.

Link: City Council Business Session Agenda

Link: City Council COW Agenda


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