KROS Heard in Sweden by DX-ing enthusiast-see the communication and listen



My name is Per Eriksson and I have, according to many of my friends, a strange hobby. I enjoy listening to AM stations from all over the world.  ‘Read more’ for the remainder of the communication & a link to the KROS audio they heard.

All they hear from the loudspeakers is the noise, but to me radio over the borders open new horizons. A lot of stations stream their programs on the Internet, but that is not the same as catching the signal on air.

That said, I am very pleased to inform you that I have caught the KROS signal on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017.

Sorry for being a “little” late with my report. During summer transatlantic listening is impossible, so I spent some hours of my vacation checking out recordings made late last year when conditions for reception was on top.

Your signal on AM 1340 was weak and noisy. But considering the distance between transmitter and my receiver, I am more than thrilled!.

To prove reception and give you a understanding of the reception quality over here in Sweden I have recorded a short mp3-clip. It was made at 04:33 hrs UTC (Universal Coordinated Time).

You will hear a quick station call in a sports broadcast. Save or listen to my recording, stored on my own server, by navigating to:

Part of my radio hobby is to collect “confirmation on reception” from the stations that I hear. If you find that the station I have heard to be KROS I would appreciate an e-mail in return as a verification on listening in. A plain “it is us” will do fine!

Using a Perseus software defined receiver manufactured by Microtelecom. Must say that I am proud of catching your signal with a 900 metre longwire antenna. Yes, the longer the better gos for us who want to hear distant signals! Have put it five metres up in the trees, so elks go free.

Sincerely yours,

Per Eriksson

Granskullavagen 219: S-235 94 Vellinge: Sweden

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