Tentative Schedule Of Governmental Meetings


The Clinton County Board and Camanche City Council scheduled to meeting.The Clinton County Board meets today (Monday) in a regular session.  The Supervisors will receive the monthly update on the building progress of the new law center and jail.

The meeting starts at 9:15 at the County Administration Building.

Link: BOS Agenda


The Camanche City Council is being asked to establish a new Building Inspector and Code Enforcement position at the Tuesday night meeting.

City Administrator Andrew Kida is suggesting the city adopt a standard building code as part of the process.

Kida proposes the council enact a two percent franchise fee on electricity and gas to help fund the position.  As an alternate he suggest re-allocate where the some city staff salaries are funded to create space in the general fund for the position.

Also on the agenda is the recommended approval of a bid for the proposed street improvement plan.  The engineering firm recommends the low bid of about 418-thousand dollars of Determan Asphalt of Camanche.  There were three other bids received for the projects.

The Camanche City Council meeting is Tuesday evening at 6 o’clock at city hall.

Link: Camanche City Council Agenda -click on proper 12-4-18 Public Packet

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