Wet & Cold November Weather


Historic and record setting is a way to describe the November weather.

Clinton Area Official Weather observer Jim Blaess says the 12.1 inches of snow on the 25th was the most snow in a 24 hour period in November.  It broke the record of 9.3 inches November 14th and 15th, 1997

The snowfall contributed to the total of 15.1 inches in November.  Blaess says that was the most snow in a November in local records to the late 1800’s.  The previous record was 10.3 inches of snow in 1997.

Blaess says the month’s total came in three storms. He says there was one inches of snow on November 9th and two inches on the 17th and then the major snow on the 25th.

Precipitation was 3.09 inches which Blaess says compares to the normal of 2.1 inches.

For the first 11 months, Blaess says the precipitation is 44.79 inches.  He says that’s more than 12 inches above the normal for the first 11 months average of 32.43.  He says that makes the first 11 months the 13th wettest first 11 months of the year to  1878.

November will also be one of the coldest months.  Blaess says the overall average was 31.6 degrees.  He says that is below the normal of 39.5.  That is the coldest November in 42 years when the temperature averaged 30.9 degrees in 1976.

November 2018 tied for the 5th coldest in the records to 1878.

Blaess also pointed out the highest temperature was 55 on November 1st and that is the ‘coldest high’ in the records to 1891.

The low during the month was 7 degrees on the 28th.

With the Blizzard Warning on the 25th, Blaess says the National Weather Service reported that was the first Blizzard Warning ever issued in November and the first for the Clinton area since January 26th in 2014.

For December, Blaess says you can expect 1.82 inches of precipitation adding the area received about one inch of precipitation in December over the weekend.  The month has an average snowfall of 8.7 inches.

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