Alliant Energy has filed for rate increases for gas and electric service for Iowa customers.


The Iowa Utility Board will hold a public hearing in Clinton in May on the proposals.  Alliant Energy spokesperson Justin Foss says the company has invested in clean energy and in long-term fuel savings and the increases are to pay the long term investments that will pay off for customers.

Foss explained the ELECTRIC rate request is for an increase in the base rate, but that other portions of the bill would be going down.  He said for the average residential customer the bill would increase by 8-dollars this year and another 12 dollars in 2020.

The Alliant Energy spokesperson says the gas rate request is unique and different. Foss says the company continues to make investments in the gas distribution systems.  Foss added that-because of other changes the amount of the GAS bill would be lower in 2020 than today-if the usage was the same.

One other aspect of the request, Foss says is to allow Alliant to charge customers 15-dollars a month if want to keep an older meter instead of switching to new meters.  He says virtually of the customers are accepting the new meters.

Interim rates are also requested.

Foss says they want customers to understand the investments being made by Alliant in clean, reliable power.

The Iowa Utility Board Public Hearing on both requests is May 22nd at 5:30 at the Clinton Community College Tech Center.

Link: Iowa Utilities Board (with links to complete filings)

Link: Alliant Energy statement



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