Clinton School’s Royalty week comments from students & staff


In support of Clinton Schools Royalty Week, both teachers and students were asked about what makes them proud about their school or district.  Superintendent Deb Olson supplied us with some of those responses.

Student Pride 2014 / Royalty Week


One thing that makes me proud about Washington Middle School is the teachers; they strive to help us learn more every day.  Our teachers try their hardest to help us succeed. They make us believe we have the ability to do well in life. Our teachers will help anybody. It takes dedication to be a teacher, and our teachers have that. They push us to work harder and get better every day. Our teachers want to see us do well in life. They are the reason we have the opportunity to succeed in life. They make Washington a better place.  – Matt Current, Clinton Middle School


I am proud of Lyons Middle School because there is a NO tolerance rule on bullying. There is a sort of respect for teachers and students alike. I am also proud of Lyons because some other students and I feel like Lyons is a kind of second home. The activities here are fun and educational. Along with the usual things school teaches, LMS teaches us respect, responsibility, reliability, and teamwork! Out of all of this, the thing I am most proud of is that LMS has a lot of flaws, they know that, and they are not afraid to admit it! And I believe that when you know your weaknesses and have accepted them, do you find true strength. – Andy Hook, Clinton Middle School


I’m proud of our new middle school because it takes a lot of hard work to build a new school. I am thankful for the people who are building the school and people in our community who have paid taxes to build it as well. Since we are combining campuses I get the opportunity to meet other kids and it helps us work on our teamwork skills. The community will benefit from this because it gives us the chance to use facilities like a new gym or auditorium. Building a new middle school will show the dedication and effort people put in to make a better learning environment for the students. In conclusion, I know that a new middle school will help us become a better team and have better attitudes towards school.

– Matt Swamberger, Clinton Middle School


The one thing that makes me proud to be at Bluff Elementary is the teachers, students, and parents work together to give me a great education. I came to Bluff in 2009 for first grade after a rough year from Camanche Elementary to find out I was in the best school that I would attend personally. I learned a lot with the help of my teachers for teaching the most efficient and logical ways to read, do math, write, or even stop a bully. I am proud to be an advanced student. Thank you teachers. You changed me.

– Rylan Howard


We are proud to be a part of Diversity Club at Eagle Heights.  We get a chance to be creative and have a bake sale.  We raised over $200 and gave it to the Humane Society and Heifers’ International.  We have activities to accept all kinds of people and cultures.  We are also proud of making a club video to stop bullying. Diversity Club is a place at our school to be ourselves.  In Diversity Club we get to work as a group and choose what we want to do.  We have a lot of fun and hope that you do to!

Brayden Miller & Sophie Griffin, Eagle Heights


One thing that makes me proud of Jefferson is that it doesn’t matter how people look or how people are, they still let you have a chance.  They let me have a chance, too.  For example, it doesn’t matter where you come from or if you’re Mexican or American or anything.  They will say, “Everyone is welcome here.  Everyone belongs.”  They could also say 20 or 30 years from now that it didn’t matter how you looked, what you wore, or how your hair looked.  What will matter is what you learned and how you used it.  We all will be happy to have you here and greet you.  WE ARE A TEAM!
Marina Tarelo, Jefferson


One thing that makes me proud about Whittier Elementary is my teachers.  They are always nice.  They help me learn.  Thanks to my teachers I am great at math!  I know my teachers will keep helping me grow. My teachers helped me advance in reading.  My teachers made my writing OK.  I need a little work, but I am trying my best. Every day I learn something new.  Mr. Snowden helps me keep healthy.  My music teachers help me make music. I like coming to school because of my teachers.  They make school fun!  My teachers are the best!  – Matthew Smith, Whittier


One thing that makes me proud about CHS is our pride. We all may not get along or listen to each other, but when it comes to pride, we all get along. Pride at CHS is amazing! We all get so excited and dress up and participate together. We all come together and sing the school song, laugh, and cheer. We all are so excited about the school. We come together as one to set our school up for success and it is personally wonderful. The way we get excited is honestly pretty cool. I’m proud of our pride because it is so strong. -Samantha Coon, CHS


I am proud of all the student athletes that take time out of their life to be involved in their school. Students and coaches work really hard to bring greatness to Clinton High School. People don’t realize that Clinton has a bunch of opportunities to let students have their own greatness. All students should be involved in some sort of activity. It doesn’t matter if you’re part of the History Club or on the football team. You are a part of Clinton High. The slogan “Our Pride Runs River Deep” should mean something to everyone because this is your school, your peers, and your lifestyle. If you don’t like representing Clinton High proudly then you are missing out on the four years of your life you can’t get back. I’m proud to be a River King! – Aaron Henry, CHS


We are proud of Clinton High and the district because we appreciate the support of our community. They have helped fund our school’s programs and have promoted our new additions, including the new turf, current pool, and our recently added third gym. We find these generous donations extremely beneficial when it comes to going on trips for clubs and academic programs. Because of the new additions, our sports teams have been excelling and competing in state events. We are very proud and grateful to be a part of such a kind and thoughtful community and a secure and diverse school.

– Victoria Hansen & Carlie Mierley, CHS


Teacher Pride – Royalty Week 2014


When given the task to share ‘one thing that makes me proud of my school’, it was nearly impossible to think of ‘one’ thing that I am proud of about our school.  I sat and stared at the note card that I used to brainstorm for quite some time.  Why couldn’t I think of one thing?  The reason is that my note card was full of things that I am truly proud of within Lyons Middle School and the Clinton Community School District.  Our staff and students come to mind first because I have never met such a group of welcoming, caring and accepting people.  The teamwork, innovation, work ethic and high expectations we share is second to none.  Clinton Community School District is definitely moving forward. Imagine you are a new student walking into the classroom on your first day of school.  What is the one thing you crave most?  For me, walking into my childhood classroom or my adult career, it was a welcoming feeling of acceptance and kindness.  This is what I experienced upon entering Clinton Community School District and what I as a teacher strive to provide for my students.  I am truly proud of the staff that I work with on a daily basis in our ability to provide a safe and welcoming environment to all students that walk through our classroom doors.  – Eric Slocum


One thing that makes me proud about Washington Middle School is that I work with the best people in the world, whether students or staff.  Most people think of middle school as “the tough years”.  They can be, but they are also the years when you see compassion, energy, effort, and caring for others.  These are the years when mistakes are made, but lessons are learned.  These are the years when personalities are solidified.  These life journeys do not happen in isolation.  They are shaped by the people who come to school each day and who strive to make a positive impact upon others.  I learn every day from those around me, children and adults. – Julie Wolbers


One thing that makes me proud about Washington Middle School is the collaboration by our staff.  From the time I arrived at Washington eight years ago, I have been blown away by the teamwork approach the staff takes.  From committee work to interdisciplinary teams to professional learning communities no one ever works in isolation, which produces much stronger programs for students.  At staff meetings we are able to discuss, debate, problem solve and implement plans that have shown great results, because as a staff we believe in collaboration to determine what is best for kids . Simply put, we work together to constantly try to improve learning for students.  I am grateful and appreciative that I have had the opportunity to work with a group that truly understands what teamwork and support are, and I honestly believe it has led to our greatest achievements with students. – Tandi Permenter


I am proud to be part of a school district that promotes thinking and believes every child can learn.  I am proud that our district invests in professional development that makes real and positive differences on how our students learn. I am also proud to be part of the Eagle Height’s family, because of the efforts, caring and dedication the staff gives our students.  Everyone goes out of their way to greet students to help them feel special.  We emphasize academics while celebrating achievements.  One of our most recent notable achievements has been the increase in reading.  The LRC is packed with exciting books for all students.  Many more students are picking “just right” books, and share with others the books they are currently reading. – Diane Guntzel


The positive attitudes and enthusiasm for learning of Whittier students make me proud every single day! I can almost see their energy pulsating the walls out like a balloon!!  Their respect and kindness for each other is abundant.  The sheer joy of learning shines in the eyes of kindergarteners who happily read to me and Teddy, all the way up to the fifth graders, who may share some new piece of knowledge of the solar system or a math strategy they’ve mastered.  I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the lives of such an amazing group of students! – Karla Unke


One thing that makes me proud about Jefferson Elementary School is how our staff, along with our instructional leader, Bonnie Freitag, works as a team to ensure the best for all Jefferson students. There is truly a shared ownership; a sense that all students are ours. We collect and analyze data to determine the academic needs of our students. We meet in a variety of teams to collaborate, share data, share behavioral changes or concerns, set goals, and design interventions to support our students to the best of our ability. At Jefferson, students truly come first! – Shawna Kent


One thing that makes me proud to be part of Bluff Elementary is our caring, compassionate staff.  Mr. Bloom makes every day “a great day to be at Bluff” because of the positive way he treats every student, staff member, and visitor.  It doesn’t just feel like Bluff Elementary; it feels like Bluff family. As students and staff walk through the building they are greeted by people that care about them. Our teachers meet their students at their classroom door each morning with a smile and a hello. Our staff is helpful, considerate, and goes the extra mile for everyone. Visitors often comment on the positive, caring feeling at Bluff Elementary.  – Dana Albrechtsen


One thing that makes me proud about CHS is the idea that we are willing to fight for a change in our culture that we feel is vital to successful student outcomes…and that is “failing is not an option”. Perhaps, in the past, there was a feeling that some students were just destined to fail. How could it be avoided? The reality was that there was no helping some students, they just didn’t want to be helped, or had been convinced that success was not a part of their future. Fighting this “learned helplessness” has been a real challenge. But now, students see the staff at Clinton High as caring and dedicated leaders, who will do anything they can to help kids avoid getting lost in those academic cracks of life. – Bill Feaster, CHS


One thing I am proud of about the Clinton Community School District is the constant changes that are going on to help make this the best place for students, staff, and the entire community.  Whether the changes are related to classroom instruction and strategies that have been implemented, extracurricular events and activities in which staff and students participate in, or to the facilities in which we work, I believe that all of this is to encourage our students and staff to be as successful as they can be and to be proud of what they do. – Jason McEwen


One thing that makes me proud about Clinton High School is the welcoming community both the staff and students provide. Being a new teacher, I have been able to feel like a true part of the Clinton King/Queen family. The students are welcoming and responsive in the hallways, in the classroom, and also outside of school. I am so proud to teach students who are goal-oriented and dedicated to the school. I also couldn’t ask for a better team to work with. The Clinton High School staff provides a friendly, caring environment that allows for success for everyone. I couldn’t be prouder to say I am a Clinton King/Queen. – Christina Richmond