Tentative Schedule Of Governmental Meetings


The week the Clinton County Board, Clinton School Board, Fulton City Council, Clinton City Council and Central DeWitt School Board have meetings sheduled.

The Clinton County Board will be meeting in DeWitt this morning (Monday) for their regular session. The Supervisors will meet at 9:15 at the County Satellite office.

Among the items on the agenda is an agreement that will help establish a program among local government agencies contribute to payments for student loans.  The county would administer the program and other governments entities can join in the effort.  Private businesses could also be a part of the program.


BOS Agenda

The Clinton School Board has a regular business session this evening.

Among the items for the board is a resolution of support to encourage the state high school athletic associations to study the effects of poverty in terms of opportunity in athletics.  Superintendent Gary DeLacy outlines his concerns in this area at the recent committee of the whole session in showing schools with high poverty levels were not competitive for state championships.

In another action the board will consider approval an agreement with the YWCA for a before and after school day care program.  The program was suggested by a group of students studying the issue as part a program involving students working on real world problems.

The Clinton School Board meeting is at 5:30 at the Administrative Center. Link: Clinton School Board Agenda  

The Fulton, Illinois City Council will be meeting Monday.

The council will consider approval of a street repair plan. Link: Fulton City Council Agenda  

During the Committee Of The Whole Session the council will consider the official ‘city logo.’ Link: Fulton City Council COW Agenda

The Clinton City Council meets on Tuesday.  The session will be at the new meeting time of 5 pm at city hall.

Among the items for consideration is a final approval of a changes in city rules to allow individuals or organizations to work to address the unowned cat population thru a cat-neuter-and-return program.  Current rules did not allow such efforts.

Link: Clinton City Council Agenda  

The Committee Of The Whole session includes a presentation about a downtown project with the idea of renovating the upper floors of the Jacobsen and adjacent Brown’s Building into residential housing. Link: Clinton City Council COW Agenda

The Central DeWitt School Board will be meeting Wednesday.  The session is at 6 pm at the Middle School Media Center.

Link:  Central DeWitt School Board Agenda






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