New Program Aimed At Attracting New Residents To Live In Clinton County


The Clinton County Board has kicked off a plan officials hope can attract new residents with some aid to payoff student loans.  The Supervisors approved the agreement at a meeting Monday which allows others government entities to join the program.

The plan would include any public entity that wants to get involved with the county administering the plan.  The County would contribute a dollar a day towards a new resident’s student loans if they live in Clinton County.  Any city or school could enact their own contribution if the person lives in that community or works for a school district that is involved.

County Auditor Eric Van Lancker says the county would administrator the governmental contributions to help save on management fees. Private business is encouraged to setup their own program thru the agency.  Van Lancker says a new resident could receive multiple contributions from the county, city or school district and a private business.

County Board Chair Dan Srp says other government entities can now join in the program.

Several local government entities have expressed interest in the program and the County Board need to approve the agreement  before they could take action.

County official say the organization administering the program-known as Peanut Butter– has told local officials they have not seen a similar program offered county-wide with various government entities involved.

A target to start the program is July first, but today county officials said it may be shortly after that date when it is implemented.




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