Tentative schedule of meetings this week


Plans for a new Clinton County Jail facility plus proposed space that could include a new Clinton Police Dept. facility is the topic of one meeting this week  Also the Clinton City Council will consider changing the way they process business & might choose a contract legal counsel

Monday is the regular meeting of the Clinton County Board.  The Supervisors will start at 9 A-M by reviewing correspondence and claims with the business items starting at 9:15.

The Camanche School Board will be holding a public hearing the budget for the next year at a meeting on Monday.  The session will be at 6:30 at the AdministrativeCenter.  After the hearing the board will consider approval of the spending plan.

The Fulton City Council will hold a hearing on the proposed budget and consider approval at a council business meeting on Monday.

The session is at 5:30 April 7th at City Hall.  The council has other items for consideration on the agenda including extending the current lease with the operator of the Marina.

A needs assessment on the subject of a new ClintonCounty jail will be presented to the Clinton County Justice Coordinating Commission at a meeting on Tuesday.

The Commission contracted the study to determine if a new jail was needed and what kind of space would be needed.

The Clinton County Sheriff’s Department would be included as part of a new plan.  The Clinton County Communications Department was also included as potential space in any new facility.  The City of Clinton was also included in the planning for a new police department headquarters.

The meeting will be on Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 at the Clinton Community College Technology Center.

The Clinton City Council will consider the first step in changing the council business is processed.  At an earlier meeting the council was in agreement to drop the committee structure and add a committee of the whole session to the schedule and have all business discussed by all council members instead of through the committees.  A resolution to start that change is on the agenda for the Tuesday meeting.  The council will also consider approval of a contract with the firefighters union.

During the Committee Of  The Whole session the council will discuss the jail needs study that was presented Tuesday afternoon publicly.  The council will also consider the two firms interviewed to provide legal services for the city.  A spring large item pickup and the strategic plan are also on the agenda for the meeting.

The council meeting will gavel into order at 7 P-M.

The Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency Board meets on Thursday evening at 6:30.