Drop Out” Candidate Names Remain on the City/School Election Ballots (see official statement from the Clinton County Elections Commissioner)


– Clinton County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections Eric Van Lancker is letting voters know that even if a candidate announces they are “dropping out” of a City/School Election race, their name will remain on the ballot.

“We have been receiving calls about candidates announcing they are no longer running in certain races,” Van Lancker said. “However, the time for a candidate to formally withdraw from a City/School Election race has passed.”

From KROS NEWS: In recent days School Board Candidate Brianna Varner announced an unexpected personal situation prompted her to drop her campaign.  Second Ward Clinton City Council Candidate Andre Ruby issued a statement that he had taken a job in Arizona and was suspending his campaign.

A candidate who filed to place their name on the November 5 City/School Election ballot had until 5 p.m. on September 24 to formally withdraw their name from the ballot.

“Ballots are printed after that date so tabulation machines may be tested, absentee voters can begin voting early and the notice of election may be published,” Van Lancker explained. “For those reasons and others, changes to ballots cannot be made after that formal withdrawal date.”

Van Lancker said votes cast for any candidate on the ballot will be counted for that person and will be included in the total vote tally.

He said a person whose name is on the ballot and is elected and does not want the job may choose not to take the oath of office. That elected person’s decision to not take the oath of office would create a vacancy for that seat.


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