Fire alarm evacuation at Eagle Heights


Clinton School Superintendent issued a statement about an evacuation at the Eagle Heights Elementary School-here’s the statement

Thursday afternoon(April 17) at approximately 1:10 PM, Eagle Heights staff smelled something that was being emitted in the 1st grade hallway and the main office. It was then determined to pull the fire alarms, call the fire department, and evacuate the building. The building was evacuated quickly and the response from the fire department was immediate.

The fire department stayed on the scene for 45 minutes and could not determine the cause of the smell. Fire officials determined it was safe to re-enter the building at 1:50 PM but closed down the first grade hallway because of not knowing where the smell had been originating. All of the first grade were going to a different location in the building and all other students returned to their classrooms. When I left Eagle Heights members of our district maintenance technicians were going to take apart the HVAC system to see if there was a problem within the mechanicals.

All of our staff and students are to be commended for the quick response in evacuating the building and listening to directions. We are so thankful for the quick response of our fire department to the scene.