November was colder than normal with less precipitation than normal


November ended five degrees below normal for the overall temperature, but Clinton Weather Observer Jim Blaess says it’s not in the top 25 for coldest Novembers.

Blaess says the overall average was 34.5 degrees.  The normal is 39.5 degrees for the month.

The highest reading was 56 degrees on the 6th.  Blaess says that 18th time in November to 1891 there wasn’t a high in the 60’s or above.

The lowest reading was two-below zero on November 12th according to Blaess.  The Weather Observer says was a new record for the date, breaking the old record of 9 degrees in 1921.  He says it was also the first time since November 1977 there was a below zero reading in the month when it dropped to 8 below zero on November 26th.

Blaess also noted there was a period of 29 straight days with below normal temperatures from October 22nd through November 19th.

Blaess reported the precipitation for the month was below normal.  He says there was 1.95 inches of precipitation compared to the average of 2.12. Blaess says the precipitation included 3.4 inches of snow compared to the normal of 1.6 inches.

But, for the year to date Blaess says there’s been 49.63 inches for preciptipitation which is more than 17 inches above the normal for the first eleven months of the year 32.43 inches.  Blaess so far 2019 is the third wettest year on records.  He says the 1961 with 52.70 inches of precipitation.

Blaess says in December the precipitation averages 1.82 inches which includes 8.7 inches of snow.

The Clinton area weather observer says the average high on December First is 39 and the average low is 24 and those drop to averages of 30 and 15 at the end of the month.

Blaess adds that on December 12th the sunset starts to


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