Governmental Meetings This Week

Governmental meetings this week include the Clinton County Board, Clinton School Board, Fulton City Council and Clinton Clinton City Council.  Links included to the agendas for the various meetings.

The Clinton County Board has a regular Monday morning session.  The Supervisors will meet at 9:15 for the business session at the County Administration Building.

Among the items on the agenda is further discussion about the upcoming vacancy in the County Treasurer’s Office with the resignation of the Treasurer Rhonda McIntyre effective in a few weeks.

Link: Clinton County Board Agenda


The Clinton School Board will be meeting Monday evening.  The regular session starts at 5:30 at the District Administration Center.

The Board is scheduled to ask for a bond issue vote for the renovated and rebuilt Clinton High School. The resolution notes a petition has been received with 1,179 signatures asking for the bond issue for the C-H-S plan.  Also on the agenda is setting a public hearing for the proposed sale of the Lyons Middle School, but not other details are included in the action.  The Board will also consider approval of the educators who are retiring under the early retirement incentive.

Link: Clinton School Board Agenda

The Fulton City Council has regular session Monday.  The Council will have the business session at 5:30 and the discussion session following that session.

Link: Fulton City Council Business Meeting Agenda

Link: Fulton City Council COW Agenda


The Clinton City Council meets on Tuesday.

At the session the council will hold a public hearing on the vacancy in the 3rd Ward Council seat.  The council will then consider action to fill the vacancy by appointment.  Applications have been accepted since the Seth Odor announcement his resignation effective January First.  By Friday afternoon city officials say one application had been submitted.

Link: Clinton City Council Business Meeting Agenda

During the Committee Of The Whole session the council will review the proposed Strategic Plan and Capital Improvement Program.

Link: Clinton City Council COW Agenda

The council sessions will start at 5:30 at City Hall.


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