Much Above Normal Risk of Major Spring Flooding Along the Mississippi River

(official NWS Statement)

Key Points:

  • The highest concern for flooding this season is on the Mississippi River, where the risk of major flooding is much above normal. However, at this time confidence is low in exactly how severe flooding would be, at a specific location.
  • If high soil moisture levels persist into the spring, the threat for long-duration Mississippi River flooding would increase.
  • The risk for widespread minor flooding is above normal for all area rivers.
  • Additional heavy snowfall, a rapid snow melt, and heavy spring rains would increase the threat for more severe flooding. Conversely, little or no additional snowfall, a prolonged melt, and lighter spring rains would decrease the flood threat.
  • Those impacted by area rivers should continue preparedness activities, and closely monitor current conditions and forecasts.
  • Link:   Mississippi River Flood predictions (pdf)

Flood Risk Summary:

Much above normal: Mississippi River from Dubuque to Gregory Landing

Above normal: Cedar River, Iowa River above Coralville Dam, Maquoketa River, Wapsipinicon River, Rock River

Slightly above normal: Des Moines River, English River, Iowa River below Coralville Dam, Skunk River, Green River, La Moine River, Fox River

Many factors are considered when determining the overall flood risk for the upcoming spring season, including seasonal precipitation, snow cover and liquid water content, frost depth, river conditions, and soil moisture.


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