Meetings, etc. this week


Approval to seek bids for Clinton Fire Department’s new rescue boat is one item on the Clinton City Council meeting, CPD to issue annual awards plus Iowa Congressional Rep. Dave Loebsack to hold educational discussion in town are among the meeting highlights-check out the tentative schedule.

The Clinton County Board has their regular business meeting on Monday. The Supervisors will start at 9 A-M with a review of correspondence and claims with the business starting at 9:15.


Monday night is the Clinton School Board’s regular business session.
Among the items on the agenda is a proposal for increasing the meal prices and contracts with the various bargaining groups. The proposed contracts are for about 2-point-9 percent package increase in compensation. The board meeting convenes at 5:30 at the Bluff Elementary School.


The Clinton City Council meets on Tuesday for a business session and committee of the whole session. During the business session the council will be asked to approve seeking bids on a new rescue boat for the Clinton Fire Department.
The department received a federal grant up to 450-thousand dollars to pay for up to 75-percent of the cost of the ‘chemical, biological, nuclear and explosive’ compliant fire and rescue boat. The resolution notes that the Clinton County Emergency Management Agency has committed a donation of 75-thousand and local industry committed an additional 75-thousand dollars for matching funds.
The council will also start the process to adjust the calendar parking ordinance for the parking rules during the winter to be effective from 7 A-M to 7 A-M. A proposed sidewalk café ordinance will also be considered.

During the committee of the whole session the council consider some traffic and related changes related along 13th Avenue North related to the new middle school building.

In a related note-the Clinton Police Department will have their annual award ceremony as part of the council meeting. This would be the 11th annual awards ceremony. Officer Dean Ottens and Public Service Officer Lori Dierks will receive the Humanitarian Award. Charles Bousman and Timothy Starbuck will receive the Citizen Award.


The Central Community School Board has their monthly meeting on Wednesday this week at the High School Media Center in DeWitt. The meeting will start at 5 o’clock with a review of several policies and the business to start at 6 P-M.
Among the items for consideration is the student fee schedule for the next school year and the name of the district and marketing that name.


Meetings involving political figures are scheduled for this week.

The Clinton Community School District will be hosting an Educational Roundtable discussion on Monday-May 12th with Congressman Dave Loebsack.
The congressman will be presiding over the discussion to be held at the Clinton High School Innovation Room from 10:30 to 11:30 AM.
This conversation will include the reauthorization of the Federal ESEA (“No Child Left Behind”) Act and other issues facing pre-kindergarten through 12th grade education.
Clinton High School is located at 817 8th Avenue South in Clinton, Iowa.


Local residents have the chance to discuss ideas on creating jobs and economic growth with one of Iowa’s leading economists, David Swenson on Thursday, May 15, at 6:30P.M., at Buzzy’s in Welton. Clinton area State Senator Rita Hart, with help from the Clinton County Board of Supervisors, asked Swenson to study the economic data and the trends for Clinton County.
At the event,. Swenson will share what he has learned and offer suggestions on building a more prosperous Clinton County.
Dr. Swenson is a graduate faculty member in Iowa State University’s Community and Regional Planning program and the graduate program in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Iowa.


Second District Republican Congressional candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks will be making a stop in Clinton this week. She will be at the Old Towne Café n Camanche Avenue on Wednesday from 11 A-M to noon.