Traffic Signalization At Lincoln Way & Harrison Drive


the new traffic signals at Harrison Drive and Lincoln Way will be turned on Thursday and a new optimization of the signals on the road will also be implemented – read the statement from the city engineer here-

Construction of the traffic signals at the intersection of Lincoln Way and Harrison Drive are completed, and operation is scheduled to commence on Thursday, May 29, 2014. The purpose of the signals at this intersection is to allow protected left turns from the north and south onto Lincoln Way. Traffic has increased at this intersection over the last several years, creating difficult negotiation of a safe left turn into highway traffic.
With new signals, loss of through traffic efficiency on the main line is always a concern. For this reason, a signal coordination system is being implemented from Manufacturing Drive to South 14th Street. Seven intersections will be coordinated to provide efficient traffic flow through the Highway 30 corridor. Timings of all intersections throughout this corridor will be optimized to allow smooth traffic flow for highway traffic, which will actually improve efficiency on Lincoln Way. The new timings will be enacted on Wednesday, May 28, one day in advance of powering the Harrison Drive signals.