Fixing city streets


There is a plan for the pavement management program according to Clinton Mayor Mark Vulich.  After spending little money on street maintenance for many years, the mayor says in 2009 the city decided to increase street maintenance.

On the FYI Show on KROS Vulich said the plan for street repairs is available on-line at a link on the city’s website.  He says that report shows what streets will be renovated in what year over the next several years.

Pavement Management Program

After spending a little over a million dollars a year for a few years, Vulich said the city engineer recommended a more aggressive approach to repair more streets quicker and council has supported spending about $2.8-million a year on street maintenance.  He says in the next 6 to 7 years it should get all the streets back to a level where regular maintenance can be done to keep up.  Vulich said this is an “aggressive but expensive approach” because the city will have to bond every year for the funds.

Vulich the street repair program work is limited slightly by funding, timing and how many contractors can do the work.  He says people should remember that the city budget starts July 1st and that’s when the city will start new projects and work underway now is work that was started last year.

If you missed the interview with mayor-you can listen to the entire program by checking out our web page and look in the news section or the podcast page.  Other topics included calendar parking, the length of recent council meetings plus Fire Chief Mike Brown discussed the recent ‘citizens academy’ the fire department held.