Local official trying to look at the positives in local plant closing


Clinton Regional Development Corporation Director Mike Kirchoff is looking at the positives in the closure of the Evergreen Packaging Company.

Kirchoff says he is award the company sent the required ‘warning’ to the Mayor about closing the Clinton plant and that about 100 employees are affected. The company manufactures paperboard containers for a variety of products, including food items.
The CRDC executive told KROS NEWS they would do what they can to get the company to reverse the decision, but that there were long odds of changing the company’s mind at this point. He said state officials would also be contacted for any assistance that might

Kirchoff says the closure of the plant points to the importance of couple of programs the C-R-D-C is working on. One of those, he said, is an effort to visit the corporate headquarters of the companies with branch operations in the community. Kirchoff said the other effort to establish a strong and robust retention program to address future situations.
Kirchoff pointed out the positives in the situation. He said 80-percent of site selections start with looking for an available building and Clinton did not have any facilities to offer and the Evergreen Packaging building can be marketed. He also said having an available work force is also a key and they will be getting information about the workforce that can also be attractive.
Kirchoff added that there are several announcements in the pipeline about new and expanding businesses that will offer opportunities for those displaced workers. He also said that openings are available at some of the new and expanding businesses announced in the past year that might provide opportunities.

KROS NEWS is waiting to hear back from a contact with the Evergreen Corporate Office.