Unofficial School Board Election Results


A couple of new Clinton School members will be taking seats on the board along with two incumbents. In the Tuesday vote there were four seats on the ballot and six candidates seeking those seats.

A first time candidate-Eric Gettes received the most votes with 627 or about 20-percent of the votes cast. Next was incumbent Jack Wenzel with 599 votes or about 19-percent followed by Gregg Obren with 561 votes or 17 percent. Dana Evers, one of the first time candidates gained a seat with 545 votes or about 17 percent.  Incumbent Missey Sullivan Pope did not gain re-election receiving 520 votes of abut 16 percent. Eunice Short received 322 votes of 10-percent.

In the Northeast District there were two seats on the ballot with three candidates. Andy Friedrichsen with 152 votes and Mary Smith with 118 were elected.  Erin Meyerman was also seeking one of the seats and received 79 votes.

Three members were elected to the Camanche School Board.  Michael Dunn and Daniel Srp each received 125 votes and Larry McDonald received 119 to gain the other seat and Albert McManus was also seeking election and received 112 votes.