Updated information on the dozens of cats found at a Clinton home


The number of cats turned into the Clinton Humane Society from a Clinton home now totals over 70.

An investigation into a video that was posted on-line taken locally showing kids abusing and shooting a B-B gun at some cats led to the discovery of the Clinton home with the cats.  Officials say the home owner is not involved in the video.

Humane Society Operations Manager Sandi Bartels said that on Monday there were 27 cats brought to the shelter and on Tuesday there were 25 and today (Wednesday) there were 21 more and she thinks that is the total from the home.  Those 73 cats are in addition to the about 60 cats the Clinton Shelter was already housing.

Bartels said the new animals have a variety of health issues and must be kept separated.  She said they have cleared out rooms and extra space and used various cages and crates to house the new cats.

Bartels said she is glad the city is taking a stand and glad the home owner cooperated in taking dozens of cats from their home this week.

Bartels said she is pleased the city enforced the animal control ordinance in the case and hopes it sends a message.

Bartels said it will be some time before any of the just arrived cats can be adopted, but other cats are available and she encourages people to come out now to fill out an application to adopt an animal or to help foster some of the cats.  The Clinton Humane Society official said they could also use financial assistance for the medical care for the new cats.  She suggested you could make a donation at the Ambassador animal hospital to help fund the care.


Clinton Police Captain James Klaes confirmed the You Tube video started the investigation-but is not related to the home owner.  He says the home owner has been charged with failure to license an animal and for violating the animal control ordinance governing having more animals than you can control.

Captain Klaes said the investigation into the actions in the video and the people involved in the video is continuing.