Middle School Dress Code Input Meeting


Input and ideas were gathered last night on ways to compromise on a dress code for the Clinton Middle Schools that has erupted into an issue since the start of the school year.

A meeting was held last evening between the parents, staff and students to gain input. Parents have been registering complaints about the code and enforcement and appeared before the school board earlier this week to make a presentation.
Middle School Principal Dan Boyd opened the meeting.  Boyd says the policies that have been in place for three years at both buildings with no complaints. He said it wasn’t on ‘their radar’ but now they would review the policy with their input.

Those in attendance filled the North Campus Learning Resource Center. People were asked for input and comments about the dress code section by section.

A member of the schools’ leadership team Middle School Teacher Eric Brown says they have used this same type of method to develop policies for the buildings..and believes they have tried to develop the best learning atmosphere for the students. Brown added that the process of the meeting should also be a lesson for the students on problem solving in a positive fashion.

The input will be reviewed further with the staff, parents and students and an update will be presented at a meeting September 9th.

Link: Student Handbook (dress code is on page 13)