New Clinton City website could be coming


The city is making a move to have a current and more active web-page.  The City Council’s City Services Committee gave the go-ahead for the administration to issue a ‘request for proposal’ for  work on a new city website.

City Administrator Jessica Kinser said “it’s no secret that we have a website that hasn’t been attended to and the reason is we don’t have anybody on staff to attend to it.”

Kinser says one of the difficulties is that there multiple different operating programs within the current web page making it difficult to update and maintain.

She said the idea would be to find someone or a firm to design and maintain a web page.  The City Administrator said one proposal is to use $62,000 dollars in terminal funds left-over after the sale of the city dock and determine how far that will go.

Kinser said she would look to start with something basic and develop the site over time.  She said “we don’t have anybody internally with the skill set to keep these things going and with the time capacity to keep things going.

The City Services Committee will review proposals and select finalists to present to the council.  That would probably in December.