New Middle School Construction Update


Although it was tentative-the Construction Manager Eric White at the new Clinton middle school project is estimating completion in the middle of August.  but he added they think can find some ways on the interior of the building to make up some time.  That’s a later than the planned timeline to be done in July and have the building ready for the school year starting in August 2014.

    White – of Estes Construction – cautioned the board there could be some risks for delays such as soil remediation that may be needed in soe areas and whether a change in attaching the roof would be acceptable and that would help the timeline.

    White told the board at their meeting last evening it is too early to make firm prediction and “if i said we could make such and such date, I would be lying to you.”

     Some school board members questioned to pace of some of the work and should the contractors have more workers on site.  White said they continue to meet with the contractors to work quickly but also want to insure quality.  He added they continue to look at ways to adjust the schedule to make up time after losing about ten weeks of construction time due to a rainy spring.

      He said it would be January when the buildings are enclosed before a better estimate of a completion date can be developed.