If you heard the loud noise this morning-we have some answers for you


A semi-truck hit a utility pole in the industrial area that knocked down a power line and caused issues with the ADM plant and caused loud noises heard by many in the community.

ADM has issued a statement about the incident you can read plus more details

The company issued a statement on the incident that read – This morning, electrical service to ADM’s Clinton corn processing complex was interrupted when a low-voltage power line fell on the major power line for the plant.  When the outage occurred, a number of safety valves released at once, exactly as they’re designed to do when something like this happens. The A-D-M statement continued that the sudden release caused a loud noise. Again, this was an example of safety systems working as designed. There were no injuries and no equipment was damaged by the outage. Right now, A-D-M reports the plant is at limited production. And they expect to resume normal production later today, when the power is fully restored.


An Alliant Energy spokesperson tells KROS NEWS the transmission line was owned by I-T-C Midwest, an electric transmission company.  The spokesperson said transmission line served A-D-M and not Alliant customers.