Federal government shutdown having limited local impact


The federal government shut down is not having a major immediate impact on some local governments.

Clinton County Board Chair John Staszewski says there is no immediate impact. but that in the future some grants the county is expecting could be delayed.  But he also says the amount of those grants is not large.

Clinton School Superintendent Deb Olson says there is no impact on the school district at this time.

Clinton City Administrator Jessica Kinser said there is limited immediate impact.  Kinser saud the only notifications the city has received so far is related to the reimbursements of grants.  The City, Kinser said is receiving the SAFER grant for a firefighter position, and cannot request reimbursement on that grant until the federal government opens back up. Kinser said other things the city has been notified of are not impacts at this point, but could be a few months from if the shutdown is still in effect.