Clinton School bus involved in an accident

No injuries reported in minor accident.  Read the statement on the incident from Superintendent Deb Olson

This morning at approximately 7:35 PM, Bus 11 was struck in the front left corner by a pick-up at the corner of Bluff/2nd Avenue South. There were children on the bus from Washington and Whittier. The children indicated they felt a small bump when the vehicle struck the bus. It was fortunate for us that a Clinton squad was right behind the bus at the time. The bus and the pick-up involved were able to pull to the side so traffic was unimpeded. There were minor damages to both vehicles, however, neither was impacted significantly. All of the parents of the children that were on the bus were notified about the accident right away. I am so proud of the bus driver, monitor, the transportation department, our local police, and the children on the bus. They responded in exactly the right way. We are reminded that something can happen in an instance and the importance of being prepared. We are blessed to live in a community where people genuinely care about one another.