Meetings this week


A tentative list of governmental meetings this week included the Fulton City Council, the Clinton City Council and others

The Fulton, Illinois city’s executive committee will had a meeting Sunday.  The agenda headlines the meeting topic as “interview city administrator candidates.”  The meeting was scheduled for 4 to 6:30 pm.

The council earlier had conducted a search for a city administrator to replace Randy Balk who is retiring – but could not agree on a top selection.

There is a regular Fulton city council meeting on Monday at 5:30.  There is no agenda item relating to the city administrator on the agenda.



Monday is the regular meeting day for the Clinton County Board.

Among the items the board will consider is the position of the Clinton County Justice Coordinating Commission.  Brian McKenrick recently resigned from the post to take another position.

The Commission has been studying the Clinton County justice system and jail and how to use both efficiently and has recently completed a study on the needs of a new jail.  That topic is on the agenda for 9:30 Monday.



The Clinton Traffic Study Commission meets n Tuesday-October 8th at city hall.  The commission has several traffic issues on the agenda to consider including a series of stop sign alignments on Buell Avenue from North 6th Street to North 11th Street.



The regular meeting of the Clinton City Council is Tuesday.  It will get underway at 7 P-M at city hall.  Among the items for consideration on the agenda is hiring a consulting firm to conduct a storm water utility rate study.

During the committee of the whole session the council will review proposals to address underage drinking issues.  The Gateway Impact Coalition has identified that as a concern in the community.

New rules for monitoring in bars that allows those under 21 in the business were proposed by the Coalition.  The ideas were sent to the council previously and sent back to the committee for more discussion.

Also on the discussion agenda is the large item pick-up program. The city sought proposals for a private business to conduct that program this fall, but got no proposals.  City Attorney Jeff Farwell says it is now the council’s decision if the city provides the large item pick up and how it would be conducted.



The Northeast School Board meets Wednesday at 6 pm at the High School Media Center.  On the agenda is consideration of whether to appeal the recent court decision which negated a whole grade sharing agreement Northeast had with the East Central District when that district merged with the Preston District in a public vote.



The Central School Board is also meeting on Wednesday evening at 6 o’clock at the Low Moor Community Center.


The City Planning Commission is meeting on October 9th at 3 pm at city hall.


On Wednesday the 9th the Clinton City Capital Improvement Program Committee will meet.  That session is at 4 pm at city. The meeting is to review the purpose of the capital improvement plan and the debt capacity of the city and the goals of the C-I-P process.



The Clinton County Solid Waste Commission is scheduled to meet on Thursday – 10th.

The meeting would be at Solid Waste Agency Office at 6:30 pm