Wheel-N-Deal Show

KROS is now accepting on-air phone calls during the second half of the show as time allows by calling 563-242-1252. The following on-air rules apply. List no more than three items and do not call in more than three times per week. No business or business services allowed. Thank You!


Wheel-N-Deal is a Buy, Sell & Trade Show that airs Monday through Saturday at 9:35 AM. Wheel-N-Deal is free to individuals looking to buy, sell or trade items only! Absolutely No Businesses or Business Services are allowed to be advertised for free. You may advertise your business or business services in the Daily Classified feature that is a part of the show for a nominal fee. Call for details!


  • No Real Estate.
  • No Firearms or Ammunition.
  • No Livestock.
  • No Mattresses or Bedding.
  • No Tobacco Products.

How to submit:

Send in your list of not more than 3 items to be read on the air during Wheel-N-Deal to KROS, P.O. Box 518, Clinton, IA 52733, or by email to [email protected], or by fax (563) 242-4825, or submit your list in the contact form below. You can also drop off your list in person to our studio at 870 13th Avenue North during business hours Monday thru Friday 8 AM to 5 PM.

KROS will not accept item lists over the phone.

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