Paul Dymkowski

Program Director/Announcer/News

Paul, the son of the late KROS Hall of Famer Gene Dymkowski, started as a part-time announcer in 1987 at a time when radio was still spinning vinyl records, playing carts, cassettes & reel to reels. He has been a full-time announcer since 1988 and has been the Program Director since 1991. In addition to his Programming duties and KROS Webpage administrator, Paul is in charge of production, is assistant to Chief Engineer Tommy and fills-in for Dave in the Newsroom. Paul played semi-pro baseball with the River City Mudcats for 10 years retiring in 2004. These days he is the player/manager of the KROS softball team. You can hear Paul on-air weekdays at 9:30 am as host of Wheel-N-Deal and host of the Paul Dymkowski Show Saturday Mornings from 6 to 9 am.