Collection for the Pantries


Fill The Pantries with Paper Products

It’s time for the 8th Annual KROS Radio Christmas Collection for the local pantries.  Again this year Central Bank Fulton is the major sponsor.  In the past KROS has collected peanut butter (twice), cereal, soup, jelly & jam, dental care items and canned fruit.  From now through December 28, KROS is asking people to donate paper products – facial tissues, toilet paper and paper towels.  The pantries get plenty of food items collected this time of year, but if they want toilet paper, facial tissue and paper towels they have to purchase those items.  This is the cold and flu season and facial tissues are in high demand.  Rich or poor, every household needs toilet paper and it’s always handy to have some paper towels around.

Donated items will go to the Benevolent Society which serves Clinton and Camanche, the Fulton/Thomson pantry and the Albany food bank.

Please drop off your paper products to our major sponsor, Central Bank Fulton and KROS Radio.

Other collection sites include:

1st Gateway Credit Union in Clinton, Camanche and Fulton.

In Fulton:  The Fulton Journal, Johnnie’s Tap, Mor-Huiz Promotions and Manny’s Too.

In Albany:  Subs2Go

In Clinton: Déjà Vu, Brown’s Shoe Fit, Corner Deli, Don’s Jewelry, Plaza Bowl, Deanna’s Java Café, Homer’s Deli & Sweetheart Bakery and the YWCA.

In Camanche: Imperial Lanes

In Thomson: Savanna – Thomson State Bank

Greg Naftzger with KROS Radio and Karrie Kenney with Central Bank Fulton hold this year’s collection items for the local Food Pantries. This year please donate paper products: facial tissues, paper towels and toilet paper.