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Play the KROS-Sarah Harding Home Crossword Puzzle Game at any of our participating sponsors including:

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Last Winner this year! Ruth Downey of the Sarah Harding Home.

US Symbols

US Symbols


1.     The Great ________ is full of symbols.

5.     Portrayed as a tall, white-haired man with a goatee. (2 words)

8.     ______________ Monument honors the first President.

9.     It starts with this phrase: We, the people of these United States.

10.   The Statue of Liberty lifts a ________.

11.   National bird. (2 words)


2.     The ____________ Bell is cracked.

3.     Also called Stars and Stripes or Old Glory.

4.     The ________________ Memorial honors the author of the Declaration Of Independence.

6.     Star Spangled Banner.

7.     Where the President lives. (2 words)


Must be 21 years or older. Only one entry per player. All answers must be correct as determined by KROS. Include your name, address, phone number, and place where you picked up your entry. Entries can be placed in registration box at sponsor by the end of business Thursday, dropped off at KROS studios by Friday, or if mailed, post-marked by midnight Friday. All entries are property of KROS. Station employees and immediate families are not eligible to win. A blind drawing will be held and entry will be checked for correctness. If drawn entry is not correctly filled out, another drawing will be held until an entry filled out correctly is drawn.